FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Having problems using our website? Check the list of frequently asked questions with answers prepared for your convenience.

      1. Registering on B2B.Chemnovatic.com
      2. Adding a product to cart.
      3. Checkout
      4. Delivery cost confirmed. Pro forma Invoice.
      5. PAYMENTS


1. Registering a customer account on B2B.Chemnovatic.com

  • ‘Account’ button is in the top right hand side of the website.

chemnovatic logo

Click the logotype in the blue circle and it will move you the login page.

  • In order to register, please click the ‘Create account” text.
  • create an account with usFill in all of the necessary details in the blank boxes. Tick the Terms acceptation and fill in safety number in the blank box. After filling all details click Create account button.
  • After registering an account you must confirm it by clicking a link in the email sent to the address used during registration.



  • Fill in your payment and delivery details carefully.
    The system need your correct VAT ID to calculate taxes. Do not forget your country’s prefix!



  • We must then verify your account – Chemnovatic is a B2B company, meaning we only do business with registered and active companies. After successful verification process you will receive an email informing you about that fact. You will be granted full access to the website, allowing you to see prices and add products to basket. We will also assign appropriate discounts tailored to your needs.



2. Adding a product to cart.

  • All of our products are divided into clear sections in the MENU area in the top part of the website. To view available products click the chosen product type. After choosing specific type of product you will be redirected to the subcategory page where you will be able to see different variations of the product.You can then choose product type / strength / ratio /capacity.


choose product type

  • You can now add the specific product type to the shopping cart. After adding product to shopping cart, the system gives you a choice of continuing shopping or going to shopping cart and proceeding with checkout.





3. Checkout

  • When in Order summary page you may change product quantities or remove products from the shopping cart. You have to remember that after changing quantities you should reload the list using the Refresh button below the products list.



  • In this section you as well can tick the box confirming you have an active EUR VAT number. By activating this box your VAT will change to 0% - In the processing of the order the correctness of the VAT ID will be further inspected.


  • Going to the bottom of the same page you will find the Deliver details | Payment details and final Cost information. You may choose the country of Delivery (1) – depending on the country you will see different shipping options. You may also choose the payment type (2). Some payment types are unavailable in certain countries. Remember that PayPal adds an additional fee of 4.5%. There is also a place for you to leave notes for our staff (3).


delivery details

When done simply click “Proceed with confirmation”.


  • On the Order Confirmation page you should check if order details such as billing info, shipping address, payment method, delivery type and finally the products in your order are correct. If everything is as it should be, tick the box next to “I have received this Notice of my right to cancel and Terms and Conditions” and click “Order with payment obligation. Order.” You should see a confirmation message with links to see your order, or download it in a PDF format.

billing info


You have now successfully placed an order with Chemnovatic B2B. You will find the order in your account area.

your order



4. Delivery cost confirmed. Pro forma Invoice.

  • After your order is placed with us, we will calculate the cost of shipping your products to your shipping address. After we have calculated all the costs, we will email you the updated Pro-Forma Invoice.

You can download the Pro-Forma either by clicking “Download proforma invoice” at the top of the email, alternatively you may request it to be sent to you by emailing b2b@chemnovatic.com


delivery confirmed


After a successful delivery of your order, the invoice will be emailed to you within 7 days.



5. Payments

Chemnovatic B2B allows you to Pay either by bank transfer, PayPal or in cash if you are a customer from Poland. We usually require a 100% advance payment.

You will not be able to pay, until we have calculated your shipment cost, as each order is priced individually. When the delivery cost is calculated you will receive a pro forma invoice with payment details by email. It will also be available in your customer account area.

After making the payment you may email the payment confirmation to our sales representatives or to your account manager.

Payment methods

You will be able to choose your payment method in the shopping cart during checkout.

  • Bank transfer:

We accept payments in EUR, USD or PLN. Depending on the currency you used during ordering your pro forma invoice will have the suitable bank account number on.

  • PayPal:

PayPal payment will carry an additional 4,5% fee. When this payment method is chosen, we will automatically add the PayPal fee to your order. The pro forma invoice will carry our PayPal account details you will need to pay.