All Chemnovatic products are laboratory tested and certified. Each has all the documents required for TPD registration.

Below you will find sample documents for our products for reference purposes. Certificates are available on request with your order.

If you would like to receive a safety sheet for any other of our products, please email

Pure Nicotine

PureNic99+ CoA MSDS

Nicotine Salts

NicSalt-B CoA MSDS
NicSalt-S CoA MSDS
NicSalt-M CoA MSDS

Nicotine Bases

PG Nicotine Bases

NicBase PG-200 MSDS

VG Nicotine Bases

NicBase VG-72 MSDS

50PG/50VG Nicotine Bases

NicBase 50PG/50VG-20 MSDS

30PG/70VG Nicotine Bases

NicBase 30PG/70VG-12 MSDS

70PG/30VG Nicotine Bases

NicBase 70PG/30VG-72 MSDS

Natural Nicotine Bases

Natural Nicbase PDO-100 MSDS

Nicotine Salts Bases

NicSalt-M Bases

NicSalt-M Base PG-100 MSDS
NicSalt-M Base VG-100 MSDS
NicSalt-M Base 50PG/50PG-100 MSDS

NicSalt-B Bases

NicSalt-B Base PG-100 MSDS
NicSalt-B Base VG-200 MSDS
NicSalt-B Base 50PG/50VG-72 MSDS
NicSalt-B Base 30PG/70VG-100 MSDS
NicSalt-B Base 70PG/30VG-72 MSDS

NicSalt-S Bases

NicSalt-S Base PG-72 MSDS
NicSalt-S Base VG-36 MSDS
NicSalt-S Base 50PG/50VG-100 MSDS
NicSalt-S Base 30PG/70VG-100 MSDS
NicSalt-S Base 70PG/30VG-72 MSDS


Nicotine-free Bases

Base 50PG/50VG MSDS
Natural Pharmaceutical Glycol MSDS


Chemnovatic Molinberry Concentrated Flavourings

Chemnovatic Molinberry Flavouring Blueberry CoQ MSDS


Sweetener Blend SB-65 MSDS