OEM Nicotine Shots

  • Manufacturer: Chemnovatic
  • OEM Nicotine Shots - 10ml

oem nic shots


Vaping industry is growing fast and developing very rapidly. It has become very lucrative, but also competitive business. If you are here,

You are here for a reason!

Only an experienced and reliable partner can help you to achieve success making your OEM brand recognized all over the world. Chemnovatic is the place where you’ll finally take your OEM NicShots to a next level.

We know the way, We have the know-how and ready solutions.

oem nic shot ordering process

white label nic shot manufacturing process

oem nicotine shots price


This is the catalyst of sales. We have managed to reduce single unit production cost by doubling on manufacturing capacity. With us, you will get the best possible price to value ratio.

oem nic shots manufacturing time


Time is a crucial asset in a well prospering business. We value the time, just like we value our customers. Therefore we increased our manufacturing capacities to 50 000 bottles a day, so you can get your orders ready as quickly as possible.

oem nic shots highest quality


If hundreds of satisfied customers is not enough then maybe ISO, HAACP, GMP certificates will do? Our manufacturing process is standardized and verified at all stages by qualified specialists. We have a full traceability of each bottle that leaves our warehouse.

white label ni shots raw materials

Raw materials

We use only our top quality products such as pure nicotine or nicotine salts. Only that allows us to fully influence and supervise the quality of the product and ensure no production stalls.

white label nicotine shots tpd services

Complex TPD Services

Want to sell your product in EU? Sure - We have got you covered. You can add your brand to our already notified products. All you need to do is to choose us. The rest is our job.

oem nicotine shots label and box design

Custom label & box design

Highly skilled team of graphics will take care of your packaging design. Done from scratch by us or prepared strictly to your given guidelines.

white label nic shots supply chain

Supply chain

We rely on our own raw materials and thanks to that we can ensure continuity of supplies without the risk of any shortages or stalls. We are the manufacturer of pure nicotine and nicotine salts. Some other components that need to be supplied to our production come from Polish suppliers, with production or stock in Poland, allowing for instant delivery within 24 hours to our factory.

oem nicotine shots laboratory


Our own laboratory allows us to verify every production batch on an ongoing basis. The lab is equipped in chromatograph which enables us to test the exact composition and exact nicotine strength of our products.


  • any PG/VG ratio (BIO bases also available)
  • any nicotine content in range of 9-20mg/ml (NicSalt or PureNic 99+)
  • wide range of packaging types (most TPD compliant)
  • high quality, full color label
  • labels design




We are constantly improving production and management processes to increase the quality of our products. Recently, as an answer to high market demand, we have modernized our manufacturing equipment. That allowed us to double on manufactuing capacities to 50 000 bottles per day and also highly reduced single unit production cost. Consequently, your unit price will now be much more attractive and competetive.

white label nic shots manufacturer certificates

We are an ISO 9001, GMP and HACCP certified company.

ISO International Standards ensure safety, reliability and quality of products. It is a set of strategic tools minimizing waste and human errors while increasing productivity. Chemnovatic has implemented guidelines, policies and processes in line with the ISO 9001:2015 quality standards as set out by the ISO Quality Management System.

The HACCP system is a method of conduct and a tool ensuring product safety and hygiene. Coupled with the implementation of the principles of Good Hygienic Practice and Good Manufacturing Practice (GHP/GMP), it can be perceived as an integrated system of activities related to the management of product safety.




We use ONLY highest quality, purest, pharmaceutical grade nicotine and nicotine salts, pharmaceutical grade Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. Our biggest advantage is the fact that all the nicotine is our own product and that allows us to fully supervise the quality of the final nicotine shot. It also provides us safe supply chain and no production stalls.


In our production we use the best 10ml, fully TPD compliant bottles. These are non-leaking bottles with integrated dropper in childproof & tamper proof cap. We have worked hard to perfect those so that dosing of the nicshot is as easy as it gets.white label nic shots examples