Natural Pharmaceutical Vegetable Glycerin

  • Manufacturer: Chemnovatic
  • 50%VG, 50% PDO. Content of nicotine: 0 mg/ml.


Taking care of the environment and making an effort to meet customer’s needs we have created a completely new range of nicotine BIO bases.

PDO is a 100 % natural replacement for PG - it is also completely allergen free. An ideal alternative to petroleum- based nicotine bases, especially for those allergic to petroleum products.  

Bio bases can be manufactured using PureNic 99+ freebase nicotine, NicSalt nicotine salts or CBD.

Available as pure PDO nicotine bases, or PDO and VG mix - VPDO nicotine bases


What stands out NicBase Bio from others is the fact, that its ingredients are defined as those composed wholly or significantly of natural agricultural ingredients. That means, that nicotine is derived from natural tobacco leaves, glycerin (VG) from plants and propanediol (PDO) - which is a natural substitute of propylene glycol but it is petroleum-free.

This all guarantees that the product we offer is made of top quality ingredients which are all natural and environmental friendly.

NicBase Bio is ideal to blend with every flavor - “smooth vaping taste” ensured. It is odorless and practically neutral for the taste of readymade e-liquids which constitutes the valuable advantage.



Better viscosity

[cP]: PDO: 52 vs PG: 91. As a result, flow through heater in a e-cig will be faster so there is no need to add water or alcohol to readymade liquids.


It has plenty of certificates such as EcoCert, Natural Products Association, USDA 100% Biobased, s-GRAS, USP-FCC and Halal.


It can save the environment through less greenhouse gas emissions and energy used while production (comparing to propylene glycol).

Alternative to PG

It is an ideal alterative to petroleum-based glycols and glycerin. Natural product with the same attributes and applications as PG.

Allergen free

It is especially dedicated for people allergic or sensitive to petroleum-based subtances. Cause no allergy.

Amazing taste

It is odourless and practically neutral to the taste of readymade e-liquids. Ideal to blend with every flavor - "smooth vaping taste" ensured.


It is made without any artificial ingredients! Directly from nature. 0% of physically processed vegetal ingredients, 0% synthetic.


INCI name: Propanediol
Identifier (CAS no.): 504-63-2
Viscosity, cP (20'C):
≤ 0,2 %
Density, g/ml (20'C):
Odour: Low | Sweet