Molinberry Flavourings

Molinberry Flavourings

The entire range of Molinberry flavors was developed with deliciously strong and crisp e-liquids in mind.

Created using only the highest quality ingredients available, backed by valid certificates, Molinberry e-liquid flavorings bring strong, authentic taste and mouth-watering smell to any e-liquid.

Our e-juice flavorings are split into 6 categories: sweet, mint, tobacco, fruits, drink and m-line premium flavor mixes. Currently we have over 80 available flavors in our vape juice flavor palette, with new flavors and mixes being developed every day.

Using our wide variety of flavors you can easily create the perfect compositions for your OEM e-liquids. We can also craft a completely new and original flavor range for your private e-liquid brand.

All of our Molinberry flavours are ACETYLPROPIONYL, DIACETYL and ACETOIN FREE. We inlcude full specification and documentation (MSDS & CoA) in every order.

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